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Why I Launched a “Name Based Domain”

I realize this post must be the published with the launch of KumailHemani.com but I had no idea if I’ll be writing on this topic someday.

"The best time to start was last year. The second best time to start is right now" Seth Godin

I guess that’s a necessary post to write to take a few steps towards being TRANSPARENT in my work. I would be #TAGFEE with all my workings, goals and accomplishments and I will never hold back in sharing any of my experience that could help people taking safe and important actions for their stuff.

This post is written to let you know what my goals are, and how I will try to achieve them with my name based domain and why you should also think about buying your own domain.


How Do I Write Blog Posts?

How Do I Write Blog Posts

"Today is the special edition of my blog posts. In this post, I’m revealing, how I write a blog post from start to end!"

Currently, I’m promoting this blog on my own, writing guest posts on SEO Blogs, (some are publishing soon), also managing my personal clients and a full-time (9hrs work) for a Web Agency.

If your routine is like me, perhaps you don’t remember every idea you get for writing blog posts. Or maybe you don’t get time to complete the posts and after time you continue with the middle of the post when unfortunately you are unable to remember some of the ideas.

Yes! This happened to me and I’m here to help you with the solution and the way "How I actually write and complete a blog post" in my tough schedule.

Here are 5 special controls you require


Be Real in SEO

The better you sell yourself/your services, the more you can earn! This assumption seems to work for everyone or every industry but it is very much abused in the SEO industry. Please don't take this the wrong way, I’ll tell you how and why!

You can't fool your boss with your work because he knows the stuff and the time your tasks may take to finish. If you ever tried to do that, I would like to read what happened with you in the comments section below.

We usually try to game things when the authority members don’t know how things work. This is what I see happen with SEO clients who trust you when you tell them that SEO packages (bunch of article submissions, directories) will bring their business growth. After time they realize that SEO is not for them and they quit.


An Example of a Bad Email Outreach

"An outreach is serving as a resource through intense two-way engagement." - Answers.com

The engagement could be based on:

  • Sharing a new research

  • Building new relations

  • Connecting public for fun, program/conference etc.

  • Business conversation

Research based, complete and to-the-point text can be a good Email outreach but the bad email address, formatting, bad English, wrong name and subject can turn good outreach to bad.


An Experience of Using WebIssues – Team Management Software

Note: I’m not marketing or affiliated with WebIssues. If you are looking for team management open source software, I would recommend you to use it.

Today, I am bringing a post off SEOmoz that was posted about Project Management Tips for Marketing Teams WBF

The focus of that blog was the “Importance of Project Management in your Marketing Team” - That was aim to increase the team efficiency, save time and hope fully to focus on the completion of tasks by the deadline. It involves a manual process of writing every task, work according to priorities and to track the progress of individuals through this process though.

In my previous company, we used an Open Source platform that actually propped up the team collaboration and got a better outcome than expected, just in a few weeks after its implementation.


5 Website Usability Testing Tips – Why Should You Care About Them?

Usability testing helps bring together the website structure and makes it user friendly. It is a method used to improve the web layout, to make it easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. A simple quick definition of Usability, it is comprised of 5 quality components:

  • Learnability

  • Efficiency

  • Memorability

  • Errors

  • Satisfaction

“Every dollar invested in ease of use returns $10 to $100.” - IBM

Anything you put on your webpage to make your website feasible and to make users interact more easily with it, counts as usability. Recent studies identified companies committed to ease-of-use actually exceed anticipated earnings, meaning it results in: more conversions, satisfied customers, long-term relationships, better ROI and more...


How Twitter Can Make You A Better SEO!

Everybody talks about Twitter and its effectiveness in strategies for SEO, website traffic, business promotion, branding, networking, and connection with customers. All True! Twitter works best for all the above specified areas and is ideal for every business niche. With 500 Million total users and 140 Million active users from different age groups the platform produces more than 250 million tweets per day. Check out this excerpt from a fascinating Twitter infographic:

How People Use Twitter

This 500M makes me crazy! I have asked many random people in random places what type of websites they use? What I found was most of them are on Facebook but I have yet to come across a random normal person who claimed to at least "use Twitter". The most typical answer is "Yeah I think I have an account there but I never really use it. But I know a friend who uses it."