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Why I Launched a “Name Based Domain”

I realize this post must be the published with the launch of KumailHemani.com but I had no idea if I’ll be writing on this topic someday.

“The best time to start was last year. The second best time to start is right now” Seth Godin

I guess that’s a necessary post to write to take a few steps towards being TRANSPARENT in my work. I would be #TAGFEE with all my workings, goals and accomplishments and I will never hold back in sharing any of my experience that could help people taking safe and important actions for their stuff.

This post is written to let you know what my goals are, and how I will try to achieve them with my name based domain and why you should also think about buying your own domain.

“A domain is an identification of a business or any individual just like address, phone number, email addresses that becomes your identity where you have all the rights to use it for own purposes (ethically)”, simple definition of domain.

Goals with KumailHemani.com

My goals are quite simple but obviously not easy ones. I want to make this place a home, where people feel safe with all the opinions I share as a trusted advisor and I want when the users land on my website through any resource that they enjoy reading my blog posts and feel happy to share in their circle.

Here are the aims which are associated with this website:

  • Personal branding: It’s a very long journey to go and I’m just a startup. I want to print all of my workings here as a trusted portfolio in the form of great blog posts.
  • SEO Services: To offer quality SEO Services for the clients and make their businesses grow through long-term inbound marketing strategy.
  • Control over the SERPs: When I guest blog, there is a chance that readers may search my name to see my work. If they land on my website, they would certainly be happy to connect with me via feeds or social media.
  • Community: Building a small community with members who are always present when I have something to tell, ready to read and spread my words through social media.

How Will I Achieve?

I will be regularly sharing the content on this website and on other websites as a guest author, I will perform all the content marketing activities i.e. Infographic, eBook, Video, SEOs interview, social media, educational content etc… and I will work on developing lasting relationships with community SEOs by sharing their blog posts and by providing feedbacks through comments on their blog. I am also working to optimize this domain for ranking on some lead generating keywords to build clientele.

Why You Should Have Your Name Based Domain or At Least a Domain

People are pretty lucky who can have their name based domain. If your name is common and unfortunately you couldn’t find an “exact name” domain, you can try first alphabet from your first name and then the last name, for example, khemani.com – try to keep it short and authentic.

A house doesn’t make a home – unless there is a family in it.

A domain is just a formality. You build the blog through credibility and a trusted voice that could make others emotional with your words or make them involved in your life. It is well defined by Dan Gillmor,

“My students – and the rest of us – are partly who others say we are. That’s a key reason why each of us needs to be one of the voices (preferably the most prominent) defining us. To the extent that they live public lives in any way – and like it or not, it’s getting harder not to be public in some way – tomorrow’s adults will need an online home that they control. They need an online home, a place where they tell the world who they are and what they’ve done, where they post their own work, or at least some of it.” via Guardian

Internet is filled with tips, research, and worthy advice. It’s a way to be alive after death.

Here are some ideas which may help you raise your voice:

If you have something interesting to share that could help people anyway? I request you to never hold back.

Raise your views about the news or any government decision.

If you ever made a decision that brought you a lot of money – help others to take that decision too.

If you have any condolence on a bomb-blast or a murder. Share your views and let others comment on that.

Tell people you exist. Tell them who you are, what you believe and what you don’t believe. Control your existence and raise your voice.

I hope you enjoy reading this. Let’s talk more about it in the comments below.

Kumail Hemani

Kumail Hemani is an SEO Consultant and a full-time SEO Manager at a well reputed SEO Agency. He is a passionate blogger and loves content marketing. He also helps businesses increase search and online visibility through online media. You can read more about him HERE or get in touch with him on Twitter or Google+

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