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How Do I Write Blog Posts?

How Do I Write Blog Posts

“Today is the special edition of my blog posts. In this post, I’m revealing, how I write a blog post from start to end!”

Currently, I’m promoting this blog on my own, writing guest posts on SEO Blogs, (some are publishing soon), also managing my personal clients and a full-time (9hrs work) for a Web Agency.

If your routine is like me, perhaps you don’t remember every idea you get for writing blog posts. Or maybe you don’t get time to complete the posts and after time you continue with the middle of the post when unfortunately you are unable to remember some of the ideas.

Yes! This happened to me and I’m here to help you with the solution and the way “How I actually write and complete a blog post” in my tough schedule.

Here are 5 special controls you require

1) Idea/Content

There are about 200M blogs worldwide today and 4M blog posts published per day, yet so many blog posts go virtually unread. I believe, an idea is the foremost thing that makes any blog post successful and motivates people to share and read the complete post.

I usually get new ideas while working on my projects, reading articles, research papers, news, from Twitter, and people talking around me – My ideas usually include: where I can shed the light of “my experience”; which topic needs to be discussed;  misconceptions prevailing around what people read and share… I also try to write on the topics which are not already discussed or you could improve existing  articles with your experience and knowledge.

Key things to remember:

  • Test your audience with different concepts: which kind of content got most/less shares, comments and links.
  • Make bullet points to improvise easy to understand content.
  • Make your content interesting to share: people love to read stories and experiences that make them feel they can be safe or help other people to be safe.

2) Outline the post

I get creative ideas when I’m having a coffee and the most creative ideas when I’m resting in my chair or on the bed. So whenever I get the idea I outline the key points on my mobile. If I don’t outline my posts I would have forgotten many ideas! So it is my most essential tool!

I also often outline posts for my content writers and newbies in my team! And I get effective, focused, better content and the work completed quickly.

Outlining the post can help you write better, stick to the topic and complete the post within time estimation. If I wanted to add another 500 words to any of my posts, I could. Outline makes your writing focused on what you are going to communicate in the space and time allotted.

You might have an idea in mind but outlining provides you a complete pitch and you can address the time the post will take to complete, organize with images and stats/figures. Here is a sample of how I outline the posts:

Topic: How I write a Blog Post

Intro: To share experience with SEOs, to write and share more blog posts with the world.

Point #1: Idea

Description: Why idea is essential part of a blog post? How to get more ideas for content creation?

Point #2: Outline

Description: How outline organize the pitch to produce better content quickly? How I outline the post?

Point #3: Point #3:Catchy Headline

Description: Why headlines are important? Social media user only sees title of the post, that must tell the worth of that post

Point #4: Images

Description: Images attract people to read the content. How images are helpful for readers?

Point #5: Proofreading

Description: How proofreading saves me? Why proofreading is important?

3) Catchy Headline

Headlines is the first and only impression to catch the reader’s eye and an inspiration to actually open and read the post.  According to Brian Clark (Copyblogger), “writing great headlines is a critical skill” and there are 8 out of 10 people who read article headlines, but only 2 out of 10 people actually read the content.

Remember, when someone shares your post on social media, a potential reader sees the title of your post where it either gets their attention or fails. The titles must be realistic to tell people what they could find in your post. Also, when you get a click on the post, you must provide what you promise and never break the readers trust. Eventually you are writing the posts for relationship and trust building.

Reading Resources:

Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?! by Dan Shure

4) Add Images

SEO CoffeeJust like Titles – images are worth a thousand words! 90% of information that quickly come to mind are visuals and they are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (research)

Visuals not only attract people but make the content more interesting and help in getting a huge amount of social shares. Marketers use pictures, stats or figures everywhere to make the writing and research interesting and to get significant attention from the reader.

Using visuals with some text makes it really easy to convey hard/lengthy messages to the reader at the right time. This is an art. Read this post to find the best images for your needs.

Maybe you also need a coffee! 🙂

5) Proofreading

Proofreading always saves me from the typos and grammatical mistakes I make unintentionally. Proofreading ensures that the reader knows what I’m saying, understands what I meant, and that I am getting the point across.

When you write copy you can understand it in your head, but are you able to convey the message to the reader as well as you understand it yourself? If you can have someone to proofread your material, ask them to help because as a writer you understand what you wrote but others don’t always find value in that content.

I hope you like this post. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Special Thanks to @Sha Menz  for the copy-editing help.

Kumail Hemani

Kumail Hemani is an SEO Consultant and a full-time SEO Manager at a well reputed SEO Agency. He is a passionate blogger and loves content marketing. He also helps businesses increase search and online visibility through online media. You can read more about him HERE or get in touch with him on Twitter or Google+

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Write Blog Posts?

  1. Dana Lookadoo at

    Great tips, especially about testing concepts!

    One tip to add is really a tool… Evernote! I keep all my blog post ideas there. I have way more ideas than time to write. Evernote is a great place to capture and curate for final production.

    1. Kumail Hemani at

      Thank you Lookadoo.

      I didn’t use Evernote but it seems remarkable. I’ll definitely try it, thanks 🙂

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