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How Storytelling Can Do Wonders in Blogging

"... and so Abraham Lincoln brought about a huge change for his people. He was an inspiration, a hero and a leader who led his soldiers despite the pressures. On November 19, 1863, he gave his famous speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. When he was assassinated on the 15thof April, 1865, the entire country mourned.

And that is the story of Abraham Lincoln. Now children, I want you to write a 500 words on what you liked the most about Abraham Lincoln."

That wasn't a story telling class. That was my history class when I was in 6th Grade. The reason I remember it so well is because that class like many other history classes I had was fabulous. Even though history classes are usually boring with dates, places and more boring stuff about people who did remarkably great things in past but for a 6thgrade kid, they are pretty much boring people.

Why then was my history class one of the best classes I had? We never had to learn by heart any of the history notes in spite of all the dates, events, places and names. What we heard in that class got imprinted in our mind word by word as soon as they reached my ears.


It was in the art of my teacher's style of speaking and style of lectures. She never took our lessons as lectures, instead she choose to tell them through stories.

My teacher knew the art of true speaking. She spoke in such a style that we students felt everything happening around us. The lectures used to start forming an image in students mind, creating a flow, making everything seem like it is happening in the present. In such style of lectures, it only took us moments before everything made an impact on us and we understood everything word by word.


Top 30 Internet Marketing Blogs

Today's post is dedicated to my recommended top 30 internet marketing blogs that are regularly producing quality content and helping SEOs with actionable advice. They give out so much that I wanted to share with you as a little thanks. These 30 blogs help polish skills, educate, and have helped my career and surely those of other professional marketers. They are a useful resource of all the newbies who are beginning their SEO career or want to update their knowledge with the latest news, trends, tips, and tricks.

I frequently check these blogs and have subscribed to their feeds for the latest updates in my email. (TIP: I also recommend you to keep yourself active on Twitter as it always provided something new and interesting to read.


Why You Should Hire a Content Strategist and How They Do Wonders For Your Brand?

Today is not a debate about hiring an In-house content strategist or an agency team. I’m going to talk about the real need of having content strategists for your brand website’s, how they can do wonders to grow your brand popularity and make you able to stay ahead of your competitors.

Content marketing is a big part of online marketing, up from 18.9 percent in 2012 to 34.8 percent in 2013, more than 55 percent of websites are planning to have a defined content marketing strategy. Big brands especially, are utilizing content to build community and using different mediums for content promotion.


How Do I Write Blog Posts?

How Do I Write Blog Posts

"Today is the special edition of my blog posts. In this post, I’m revealing, how I write a blog post from start to end!"

Currently, I’m promoting this blog on my own, writing guest posts on SEO Blogs, (some are publishing soon), also managing my personal clients and a full-time (9hrs work) for a Web Agency.

If your routine is like me, perhaps you don’t remember every idea you get for writing blog posts. Or maybe you don’t get time to complete the posts and after time you continue with the middle of the post when unfortunately you are unable to remember some of the ideas.

Yes! This happened to me and I’m here to help you with the solution and the way "How I actually write and complete a blog post" in my tough schedule.

Here are 5 special controls you require