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Mr. Joe Asks, How Questions Impact Digital Marketing

I never liked going to the supermarkets with my mom and dad when I was little. It was a routine chore on every damn weekend, which I couldn’t escape from. My young mind wanted to stay at home and play video games rather than pick milk from the shelf and potatoes from the pile.

The boredom of the entire trip doomed upon me specially when I sat by the window seat in the car while my parents spent the time discussing taxes, work bitches and Mrs. Susan’s tasteless lasagna at last night’s dinner.

Yet in all those loathsome trips, one thing always fascinated me - The billboards on the roads. I would gaze outside the window upon every billboard. It intrigued me how an image and a few words could make so much sense and heavily impact a person.

The words along with images had so much influence on me that I would read every billboard and try to make out the story behind that advertising. The ones that caught my attention the most were the billboards with questions.  It somehow made me obligated to answer whatever the hell was asked in the billboard.

A billboard would only say “Why Not?” with an image of a healthy woman eating farm fresh salad.  Immediately I would form the story for it. The woman is healthy because she is eating fresh salad from a specific farm. She is choosing a lifestyle that is good for her.

And since then I have had this vivid attraction with digital marketing.


[Study] How Middle-East Students Use University Websites

A recent study of student enrollment behavior carried out by Middle Eastern universities showed several interesting trends about how higher education is evolving in the region. Search habits, device usage, and even registration behavior were evaluated by looking at how students use university websites and web apps.

I am always on the lookout for interesting trends in the Middle East region and when I saw this piece I decided it had to be an infographic. If you’re a college or university in the GCC region or you market to these customers you’ll want to take a look at the below data.

I promise it will help you create a more effective digital presence.


Be Real in SEO

The better you sell yourself/your services, the more you can earn! This assumption seems to work for everyone or every industry but it is very much abused in the SEO industry. Please don't take this the wrong way, I’ll tell you how and why!

You can't fool your boss with your work because he knows the stuff and the time your tasks may take to finish. If you ever tried to do that, I would like to read what happened with you in the comments section below.

We usually try to game things when the authority members don’t know how things work. This is what I see happen with SEO clients who trust you when you tell them that SEO packages (bunch of article submissions, directories) will bring their business growth. After time they realize that SEO is not for them and they quit.


An Example of a Bad Email Outreach

"An outreach is serving as a resource through intense two-way engagement." - Answers.com

The engagement could be based on:

  • Sharing a new research

  • Building new relations

  • Connecting public for fun, program/conference etc.

  • Business conversation

Research based, complete and to-the-point text can be a good Email outreach but the bad email address, formatting, bad English, wrong name and subject can turn good outreach to bad.