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An Experience of Using WebIssues – Team Management Software

Note: I’m not marketing or affiliated with WebIssues. If you are looking for team management open source software, I would recommend you to use it.

Today, I am bringing a post off SEOmoz that was posted about Project Management Tips for Marketing Teams WBF

The focus of that blog was the “Importance of Project Management in your Marketing Team” – That was aim to increase the team efficiency, save time and hope fully to focus on the completion of tasks by the deadline. It involves a manual process of writing every task, work according to priorities and to track the progress of individuals through this process though.

In my previous company, we used an Open Source platform that actually propped up the team collaboration and got a better outcome than expected, just in a few weeks after its implementation.

That application maintains the daily and weekly tasks which having priorities set by the project managers according to deadlines. It also helped to maintain the history of every project. One of the key features was really important is – the tool is very helpful to manage hourly rate projects and you can export HTML and PDF of all the work to send to the client as needed.

If you are looking for a project management system through which teams can collaborate, regroup, and organize the tasks accordingly so that it can reduce the time-consumed and nothing remains overlooked while working on a project simultaneously, then WebIssues is best for you to use!

Its interface is quite favorable and it really makes the process really convenient to discuss and exchange information among the team. Along with the facility to attach files and comment on the tasks, it also enables to maintain history of the changes, so you can always go back and track down the issues when needed.

Web Issues Software Interface

Web issues also came handy to record the time period for hourly based projects and prioritizing the task which saved us from the maintaining different excel sheets for various projects. Now all we have to do is to click a button and there we get a report in PDF or HTML format (as per our requirement).

Along with the comfortable user interface, instant search and convenient editing for easy information management, communication is another feature that can not be overlooked. WebIssues send alerts about task through email so that the assignee is notified timely and nothing remains unnoticed. It is also easy to check the status for every task and filter the active issues through extensive filtering criteria. The user can even input the time consumed with the completion of the project if required.

Adding New Issue
User Accounts - Web Issues

How to Access

We found the interface of WebIssues more like a general online forum so it was not at all difficult to introduce it to the staff and get used to it. It is a client/server-based system that allows a desktop client to connect to the server facilitating to manage and collaborate on issues.  The Desktop Client application can natively work with Windows, Linux and OS X and can also be accessed through a web browser and you can even use it through its web interface to check for new and modified issues. This web interface can be easily bookmarked on your favorite browser. This web interface makes tracking issues a whole lot easier. Every time assignee receives a notification email from the web interface he also gets a link with it through which he can easily track the assigned task and can work accordingly.

The installation method is an easy process and it does not require any specific hosting service so you can simply access with a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server database. All you have to do is download the source from webissue download page and then use DIY:  to track and manage issues with WebIssues

Last Thought

You can check out the demo of this software here. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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