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Be Real in SEO

The better you sell yourself/your services, the more you can earn! This assumption seems to work for everyone or every industry but it is very much abused in the SEO industry. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’ll tell you how and why!

You can’t fool your boss with your work because he knows the stuff and the time your tasks may take to finish. If you ever tried to do that, I would like to read what happened with you in the comments section below.

We usually try to game things when the authority members don’t know how things work. This is what I see happen with SEO clients who trust you when you tell them that SEO packages (bunch of article submissions, directories) will bring their business growth. After time they realize that SEO is not for them and they quit.

Then you tell them SEO is an ongoing process to sell yourself again.

Every next client I see has less faith in SEO work just because every next SEO is trying to sell “SEO Packages (bunch of directory links)” that never help in ranking or businesses (anymore!) If you are still making this happen, I must not predict your future because Google is your Father!

This post is valuable for both SEO’s and clients. Let’s not discontinue.

For Clients

Did a miracle start your business or was it your intention and a result of your knowledge? Did your first client come to you by some miracle or was it a result of your investment of time, money, study and market research? Obviously, it was the latter and you care about your business a lot. Ever wonder if it could be destroyed? Sorry, I don’t want to make you emotional, but I am trying to help you realize some facts.

SEO is an investment of both time and money. You shouldn’t spend anything without research or knowledge. So no one can fool you with fake promises and link spam – understand real and valuable SEO and you’ll get exactly what you are paying for. Remember, don’t invest your money on fake SEOs just because they are better at selling themselves doesn’t mean they will be useful for your sales.

What is SEO?

* It is easy to sit on an empty chair but it is a bit hard to get a seat when there are more people than chairs. It is even harder when the chair is comfortable and the person never wants to leave and you want that chair.

SEO is the name given to meaningful efforts applied to place a business higher up than their competitors and to beat them in all places online where you can expect the customers to be (you don’t actually beat but become superior)

* SEO is easy for start-ups, it is hard for mid-level experts and harder for professionals.

SEO is a challenging task where the surprises/wonders/guesses don’t help any business. It requires comprehensive research and targeted strategy with regard to the business goals and budget that will return significant results/ROI (Return on Investment)

Cost vs Return Attributed to Real SEO Effort


Come on, you SEOs belong to one of the fastest growing industries in the world! If you are confident enough with your work and skills, charge more to give them the best you have and build credibility with your positive work. Remember you will rise when your clients’ businesses grow.

*Educate your client and aim high!*

Special Thanks to @Sha Menz for the copy-editing help.

Kumail Hemani

Kumail Hemani is an SEO Consultant and a full-time SEO Manager at a well reputed SEO Agency. He is a passionate blogger and loves content marketing. He also helps businesses increase search and online visibility through online media. You can read more about him HERE or get in touch with him on Twitter or Google+

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2 thoughts on “Be Real in SEO

  1. Spook SEO at

    *Educate your client and aim high!*

    This is exactly what I’m doing with my client, I always remind them that SEO is not just a simple twist and turn of links in the internet its something you must do in long term. As soon as your website live in the internet “SEO” comes in and requires significant attention. We also have to let client know that we can anticipate ranking position but we can never decide when will it happen. Some client says, “I need a pro SEO who can rank my keywords on Google in the next month” and I was like “Oww com’on!” Can you really tell me that? It might be possible but how can any SEO person agree to that in the first place? It takes further analysis to just simply anticipate result.

    1. Kumail Hemani at

      Hi Man! Thank you for the comment.

      Once a week, I get at least 1 or 2 clients who say, I want you to rank my websites #1 for all the money keywords! People still think that SEO is just about to rank keywords – and PRO is the only person who can do that in the short-span of time.

      Instead they should ask, what are your plans to beat my competitors. Then there would always be a strategy to beat them into the SERPs after time by building a quality website.

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