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Interview with Julie Joyce, Link Building Expert

I don’t interview much, but when I do I do it for the passion. That sounded just like “The Most Interesting Man In The World” meme. *Laughs*.

Julie Joyce InterviewAnyway, I choose my interview person because they deserve it. They are real, transparent and they help the community by sharing their experiences, experiments and expertise. They help newbie SEOs with their projects, answer their questions and guide them towards better marketing.

Such successful persons who selflessly want others to succeed as well, are the persons I love to interview.

So, today I’m interviewing Julie Joyce who is Director and Co-founder of ‘Link Fish Media’ a link building firm, speaker at several SEO conferences, founding member of SEO Chicks blog, contributor at famous Search Engine Land, and several other Internet Marketing blogs.

In this interview, we will be talking more about link building and content creation topics.

*Clears throat*


An Evening Coffee With Cyrus Shepard, SEO Consultant

Welcome readers! After an interesting interview with Dana Lookadoo who is a picture perfect inspiration despite her tragic accident, all my heartfelt prayers and well wishes to her, I am excited to have Cyrus Shepard with me today.

SEO - Cyrus Shepard PictureCyrus needs no introduction to the SEOs who belongs to the industry since a while. But let's, for the sake of introduction and as a compliment, introduce him to the newbies in SEO.

Cyrus Shepard is Moz's "Senior Content Astronaut", one of the most reputed SEO persons of our community. He has written a number of blog posts for Moz, writes on his own blogs, speaker at several conferences and a true inspiration to many.

You may touch the base with him on Twitter or Google+ or by subscribing to his blog feeds :)

Here is the interview with Cyrus Shepard that I was lucky enough to get.


Interview of Dana Lookadoo, An Internet Marketing Specialist!

This is the first opportunity of taking the Interview of any Search Specialist in my career Dana Lookado with Moz's Rogerand on this website. I wanted to start with someone I know, admire, a friend, and who is always available to help me whenever I need.

So, today we have Dana Lookadoo, who is being featured as one of the top SEO Women’s, an excellent female SEO Bloggers, and a speaker at various search marketing conferences. From the profession, she is an SEO Consultant, blogger, trainer, speaker, author and founder of amazing Yo! Yo! SEO!

If you are true lover of SEO community, regular blogs reader, and a Twitter addict. You must have come across Dana Lookadoo talking around. OK! Let’s take some valuable tips from her.

You may also connect with her on Twitter, on the Google+ or by subscribing to her blog feeds.